Sponsoring a memorial page in the Gathering Program is a meaningful way to remember our precious children, brothers & sisters, and grandchildren. Design your page around your loved one’s picture or your memories of them. The memorial pages will be in color. If you do not include a page design with your photo, the Program Team will create a design for you.

Please check the memorial page size you would like:

The program book will be printed in 8-1/2" x 11"  page format. Please use these dimensions when creating or selecting your memorial page size.

Choose file

You may also send your design or photo to us as an email attachment or by mail.

If sending by e-mail: send to Kathy Corrigan at lP-+9-vm5v3z9fqh1PP59f34uvf7+Q@nospam Please include “Memorial Sponsorship Page” in the subject line. Include your name, address and phone number in the text so we can easily contact you if we need more information.

If sending by mail: send to Kathy Corrigan, 5 Vanek Road, Poughkeepsie, NY 12603.

(Checks payable to BPUSA if you did not pay previously when you registered.)


Deadline is June 1st.