About Bereaved Parents of the USA

Bereaved Parents of the USA was founded in 1995 by a group of bereaved parents from across the country to offer support, understanding, encouragement and hope to fellow bereaved parents, siblings and grandparents after the death of their loved one. This purpose remains the thrust of BPUSA today.

Bereaved Parents of the USA is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of BPUSA members nominated and elected yearly by chapter members. All work within the BPUSA organization on both the national and local chapter level is done by volunteers There are no paid salaries within BPUSA.


That every grieving parent and family receive the support they need for as long as they need it.


Helping grieving parents and families rebuild their lives after the death of a child.


  • To offer support, understanding, encouragement and hope to bereaved parents, siblings and grandparents.
  • To assist all who have experienced the loss of a child, brother, sister or grandchild regardless of ethnicity, ideology or financial status.
  • To educate families about the grief process in all its complexities pertaining to the death of a child or a sibling at any age and from any cause.
  • To connect fellow bereaved parents, siblings and grandparents who can offer support to each other and to each newly bereaved family.
  • To charter chapters and train and assist chapter leaders across the country. These chapters meet on a regular basis to offer self-help support and comfort to local bereaved families.
  • To publish an online National Newsletter and offer help to individual chapters with newsletters to inform and educate their members about the grieving process.
  • To sponsor an annual Conference that features inspirational speakers, informative workshops, and heartfelt remembrance ceremonies.
  • To inform and educate professionals, employers, co-workers, clergy, friends and others on the intensity and duration of parental, sibling and grandparent grief.

BPUSA is Non-Denominational

BPUSA espouses no religion but supports each member in his or her grief journey regardless of religious practice or belief.


BPUSA is a non-profit self-help support group with 501(c)(3) IRS status. Donations from the public and volunteers help support our national organization and local chapters. BPUSA members pay no dues or membership fees. All gifts to BPUSA are tax deductions to the fullest extent permitted by the Internal Revenue Service under the provisions of 501(c)(3).

Contact Us:

Bereaved Parents of the USA
C/O Deb Moroney
2778 Boyds Creek Hwy
Sevierville, TN  37876