A message from the BPUSA Board:
Like so many others, we are anxiously waiting for the vaccines to be more readily available so that we will begin to see a slowdown in the spread of Covid-19 and a return to safe get-togethers and being able to shake hands and hug again.


Depending on the outcome, we will be making the decision to either go ahead as planned with an in-person Gathering in St. Louis, MO or host a virtual event as we did last year.  As soon as we make that decision, we will let you know.  Regardless, the Gathering is planned for August 6-8, 2021.  So, mark your calendar!


Please contact workshop coordinator, Liz Boenig, at yKq4vbupv6e6o7ugp7i7iKe9vKSnp6Pmq6el@nospam with any questions.

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