Memorial Sponsorship Page Form

Sponsoring a memorial page in the Gathering program book is a meaningful way to remember our precious children, brothers/sisters, and grandchildren. Design your page around your child's picture or your memories of them. The memorial pages will be in color. If you do not include a page design with your donation, the Program Book Committee will create a design for you.

Please check the memorial page size you would like:

The program book will be printed in 8-1/2" x 11"  page format. Please use these dimensions when creating or selecting your memorial page size.

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E-mail your design to Valerie Larson at ZBYIBRYXCwpdVFQkEgEWDR4LCkoKARA@nospam  no later than June 1st. Please include “Memorial Sponsorship Page” in the subject line. Or mail to: Valerie Larson 6900 Cole Timothy Court Manassas, VA 20112. Questions? Call Valerie Larson at (703) 217-7994.