Bereaved Parents of the USA

National Awards

They Really Made A Difference Award
They Really Made A Difference Award is given posthumously to a BP/USA member who has made extraordinary contributions to the organization, usually over a sustained period of time.  These contributions have made a significant difference in the strength and ability of BP/USA to comfort and support families as they rebuild their lives after the death of their children.

2012 Beverley Hurley
2010 Shirley Ottman
2009 Betty Ewart
2007 Renee Dudnikov
2004 Mitch Dudnikov
2003 Paul Kinney
1998 Roy Peterson
2012 They Really Made A Difference Award, Beverley Hurley
Roy and Juanita Peterson Award
The Roy and Juanita Peterson Award recognizes and honors BP/USA members who have exemplified truly dedicated service to our organization, usually at both the national and local levels.  The persons so honored are volunteers who have given extraordinary amounts of time and energy to assisting newly bereaved families in our common grief journey as well as helping with the work crucial to the operation of BP/USA. 2013 Noel & Ann Castiglia
2012 Donna Corrigan
2011 Theresa Valentine
2010 Beverley Hurley
2009 Linda Fracassi Horn
2008 Jim & Linda Dixon
2007 Linda Delk
2006 Margaret Gerner
2005 Betty Ewart
2004 Pat Moser
2003 Shirley Ottman
2002 Paul & Pat Kinney
2001 Mitch & Renee Dudnikov
2000 Mary Cleckley
1999 John Goodrich
1998 Roy & Juanita Peterson